The Mission of Our Lady of the Angels establishes a Catholic presence in the
    Humboldt Park area on Chicago’s west side.  This area presently is one of
    the poorest neighborhoods in the City of Chicago.  The purpose of the
    Mission is to assist the poor and evangelize through an apostolate of prayer,
    retreats and preaching. Mention of Our Lady of the Angels brings to mind for
    many people the school fire of December 1, 1958, in which 92 students and
    three religious sisters perished.  In 2005, Cardinal George invited Fr. Bob
    Lombardo, CFR,  to establish the Mission at the site of the tragic fire.   Fr. Bob
    is one of the founding friars of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal,  along
    with Fr. Benedict Groeschel.  

    Presently, the former rectory houses a discernment community of several
    young adults who are desiring religious life as Franciscans. It also serves as
    Fr. Bob's headquarters from which he helps coordinate programs at the new
    Kelly Hall YMCA and oversees the renovation of the Convent across the
    street.  The Convent has been renovated and has 35 rooms ready and
    waiting for your church, school or civic group to come for a retreat or a few
    days of service.  

    The pictures you see on this web site testify to the many who have shared
    their time, talent and resources to help create this Mission.   Fr. Bob is
    grateful to everyone, and considers what has occurred at the Mission to be
    miraculous. Yet, there is still much work to be done.

The Old Rectory  (above):
Mission Headquarters

With the economic crisis, families
and seniors in the area do not have
the necessary resources for
sufficient heat and nutritious meals.

The Mission serves the
neighborhood and  distributes food
and clothing on Tuesday mornings.   
The first Saturday of the month, the
mission also serves as a model of
how to efficiently run a mobile food
pantry.  The mobile pantry provides
food and clothing for approximately
300 families.  The Mission was
recently featured in
USA Today.  
The rectory was renovated with the
help of many wonderful volunteers
and donors.
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels
3808 W. Iowa St., Chicago, IL 60651
(773) 486-8431                     Fax (773) 486-8432
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels   
--A Catholic outreach on the West side of Chicago

Kelly Hall  (below left):  
Youth Outreach, Food Pantry &
Senior Services

Drugs and gangs pose a constant
threat to at-risk youth in the Center
(Kelly Hall) is now a brand Center
(Kelly Hall) is now a brand new
community center.    The new
community center.    The renovated
space is ideal for the extensive
youth outreach and neighborhood
needs.  The programs include sports,
computer lab, and classes.  
In addition
to great programs for youth, Kelly Hall
offers programs for area seniors that
help them live healthy, safe, meaningful
lives, in dignity.

This project is the result of a partnership
between the Archdiocese of Chicago,
the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, and
the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
The Convent  (below right):
retreat space.

Across the street from the Rectory  
and around the corner from Kelly
Hall, is the Convent which is also
currently being renovated.   It has 35
bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room,
sitting room, chapel and other
miscellaneous smaller rooms that
will serve as offices.

The Convent has been renovated
with the help of many, many
volunteers and donors - individuals,
families, church and other groups,
the unions and trades, and many

We think you should just come visit
us -  real soon!

For those new to the Mission, it is comprised of four components:
The Rectory, Kelly Hall, the Convent, and now the Church.

Some of our favorite pages from the past:

Although we have revamped the web site to streamline it a bit, we did not
want to lose some of our favorite pages from the past.  

The Mission is not just about who comes to volunteer today or tomorrow, but
it is about the whole Mission family, including those who got us to where we
are today.  It's about those who come week after week to volunteer from the
Chicagoland area, those who come for a yearly project like our Virginia Tech
students who assist during their spring break, those who fly in from other
parts of the country to help Fr. Bob for a weekend, and even those who come
from other parts of the world.

We have such great memories from the last few years.
We don't want to forget that we are more than just what you see today.
We are building not just futures, but also a legacy-  a legacy of love.

So, from the past, here are a few of our favorite pages that we didn't want to
lose in the web site renovation.  When you are finished viewing one of the
following web pages, just hit the "back" button on your browser to return to
this page.
The Message
September 2007:  Who do we serve?
October 2007:  Why do we serve?
June 2008:  Are you a disciple, an apostle or both?
Fr. Bob rides into the Big-Hearted Midwest!
A New Year's Reflection
In addition to the Mobile Food Pantry days and the General Work
Days listed on the "Calendar" page, the Calendar and Wish List
pages will list other ideas for serving at the Mission.  

If you think of a project or a way to serve at the Mission, just
contact Fr. Bob.  We love good ideas!

Contact Fr. Bob if you would like to be part of something wonderful!  
(773) 486-8431
To learn more about Fr. Bob Lombardo, Click HERE!
Click Here
to locate the
Mission on
google maps
The Church:

Sitting directly adjacent to the
Rectory is one of the most
beautiful churches in the
Archdiocese: Our Lady of the
Angels.  The church has been
slowly deteriorating over the
last 20 years, but the Phase 1
renovations are almost done!
Be sure to check it out by
clicking on the Church tab.

Better yet. Come see the church
for yourself.  Come build His
church, just like St. Francis!
We invest in stocks.
We invest in bonds.
We invest in real estate.

Invest in the one thing that can make a true difference.

Invest in The New Evangelization
It can change the world.  

Spread the Word.....

It's time to invest in futures!

That's exactly what we do at the Mission.
We invest in the futures of the people who live in the
neighborhood, and in particular in the lives of all those beautiful

We build friendships, stronger families, a better world, and now,
we are building His church.

Thanks for joining us! It wouldn't be the same without you.
If you are just hearing about the Mission,
come see us soon!
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We assist about 700 families per month with good, healthy food. The normal family size is 4.   
We have about 130 children each afternoon in the after school program, and  then several hundred are involved in various
activities like basketball leagues, public speaking, art, dance, poetry through programs offered at Kelly Hall.  We also have
about 25 seniors each Tuesday from 10  AM till 1:30 PM for exercise, computer class, Bible study, lunch and arts/crafts.
Discernment Community: Read all
about it in
The Catholic New World.
HERE for PDF version with a
great picture.
When you click on the link above, have your sound
turned up. The music is "You Satisfy the Hungry
Heart" from Catholic Classics, Vol. 2. (CD-376)
Recording courtesy of GIA Publications, Inc.

If you happen upon this site, this is the historical web site for the Mission, created on November 11, 2007
and decommissioned on September 1, 2013.  It helped folks across the country follow the progress as we
rebuilt the rectory, the Parish Hall (now Kelly Hall), the convent and then the church. The Mission now has a
new website. For current info go to   Info on this site would be current as of 9/1/2013.