It is the time of year to reflect on what we've done during the last year and where we hope to go in the new year.   
You can click on any of the pages in the menu to the left to see what's been happening at the Mission for most of
the year, so let's just review the last month.
A Reflection for the New Year
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Relax.  Take a deep breath.  
The craziness of preparing for Christmas has passed.  
Be still for a moment and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We include here a little Story and Reflection for the new year. If you
don't have time to read it now, come back later when you don't have
to rush through it.  Our aim at the Mission is not just to serve those
in Humboldt Park, but also for us, as a Mission family, to grow
together in our Catholic faith.  
This reflection is for you.

Father Bob thanks everyone who has worked so hard over the last
few years to renovate the Rectory, the YMCA and now, those who
are still helping with the Convent renovation.
You helped make all of this possible.

The media attempted to convince us that our kids should like
"stuff" and that love was about bling,
but our kids proved that nice kids like people and
love is about much more as they helped with the mobile food
pantry, worked to renovate the convent, and gave the neighbors
horse and carriage rides - something enjoyed by young and old.  

Cards made by kids at the
Christmas Party at the
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Take a look at the reflection of Christ's love in the faces on
these young people from the St. John the Evangelist in St.
John, Indiana; the boys basketball team from Our Lady of
the Wayside; the Squires from the Arlington Heights
Knights of Columbus as well as many other parishes.

Have you been looking for Christ?
You need look no further.