Mission of Our Lady of the Angels
Call Fr. Bob  to get involved and become part of the Mission family:    773-486-8431.

At the beginning of September, the Mission needed about $50,000
to finish the Phase 1 renovations on the Church.  Our great
supporters threw two great fund raisers and a team of 13 runners
participated in the Chicago marathon.
So how did the Mission do???
The Mission raised about $35,000 thanks to YOU and the help of

Thank you so much to all who attended the benefits.  
Thank you to St. Teresa of Avila Church and
Queen of the Rosary Church and
those who organized these events.  

Thank you to our runners, the pit crew and those who supported
their efforts.

We have  awesome volunteers and donors.  
Thank you so much for helping us rebuild His church.

Every single penny and brick will help. The finished historic church will allow us
to expand our outreach to those in West Humboldt Park, one of the poorest
neighborhoods in Chicago.

What we do at the Mission really makes a difference in people's lives. If you have
time, listen to the witness of a few of the ladies in the Tuesday morning Seniors
Program at a fund raiser last fall. They are so thankful, not just for the difference
it makes in their lives but in the lives of the children and the whole neighborhood.
Thanks again.



Fund Raising Results Update
Thank you to
has helped
rebuild our

It is hard to
believe that we
are so close to
our goal on the
Stage 1

We hope to open
the doors in
Your kindness and
generosity have been

Your many, many
hours of labor are so
very greatly
appreciated by the
neighbors we serve,
our new fledgling
community of young
people discerning
their vocations, His
Eminence Francis
Cardinal George,  by
me, and, I believe, by
Now, if you don't really need a T--shirt but feel particularly
blessed and would like to help renovate the church, feel free to
send Fr. Bob a check. Scroll down for the church update.  Any
amount will help. You can contact Fr. Bob Lombardo at
Mission of
Our Lady of the Angels, 3808 W. Iowa St., Chicago, IL 60651 or call
him at (773) 486-8431

As you can see, a lot is happening in
the church.  Fr. Bob would surely
like to get this renovation done so
he can devote full time to
ministering to the people instead of
being a construction manager!
A sneak peak at the front yard from an open window in the stair well up to the choir loft.
September 10, 2011 Church Update
Christmas 2011 Blessings!
Jesus watches the progress made possible by our
selfless volunteers and donors who learned well
the lesson He taught from the cross.
The church basement  is badly need for programs that will serve the poor in the
neighborhood.   Look at these pictures and then click on this link which will take you to
"Church" page. If you scroll down that page, you will see some photos of the
basement as it was when we took it over- standing water, trash everywhere, grease
and mildew on the walls and floors.  Many volunteers and tradesmen have spent a lot of
time getting the basement dry and ready to be finished!  Thank YOU!
THIS is progress!

And, if you have a group that would like to come out for a service day or
week to continue the great work of the volunteers who have already made
this possible, let Fr. Bob know.   
This would NOT be possible without you and God.

Basement Photos as of the end of February 2012

Christ has no body now on earth but yours,  no feet on earth, but yours.

Yours are the eyes through which
Christ looks compassion
into the world.

Yours are the feet
with which Christ walks to do good.

Yours are the hands
with which Christ blesses the world.

-- Teresa of Avila
November 13: This week, the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels was featured on

The Church, the Cardinal and You.
HERE to view the segment.
(about 7 min)

Comcast customers who live in Chicago and throughout the suburbs can see
The Church, the Cardinal and You, Sunday at 1 p.m. on CN-100,
the Comcast Network (Channel 100).

The program also airs Friday at 7 p.m. on Chicago Loop Cable Channel 25.

This program is produced by the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office of Radio and Television.
7/28/2011:  Mission OLA featured on CBS
News Chicago! Click
(The CBS clip will take a minute to load.)
Church Update: November 2011

Work continues.  Soon they will be ready to lay the tile.

Look at the gorgeous work being done by our gifted craftsmen!  Just

We continue to make progress in the basement, too,
but the results are not quite as visible yet.   
Nevertheless, little by little, brick by brick, we go forward.
Some day soon, this basement will be a vibrant place serving the
needs of the poor in this neighborhood - both body & soul.
The room in the two photos
above is the kitchen in the
basement.  If you know of any
restaurants going out of business
or renovating that would like to
donate kitchen appliances, have
them call Fr. Bob!
The bathrooms, storage room and
other ancillary rooms in the
basement are just waiting for
some willing hands and a coat of

The larger room still looks pretty
much just like it did in the photos
below in the September update.
December 5, 2011: We're almost there!
The church is poised to reopen.
What a joyous moment!
2nd Blessing:  The Chicago Tribune

What a miracle to wake up Christmas morning, pick up the newspaper and see some truly good news in
the Chicago Tribune  -  a wonderful front page story about the good work taking place at the Mission,
followed by a full page story on page 24.

For those not fortunate enough to have a copy of the Tribune on their doorstep Christmas morning,
here are links to the Story, the Video and the Photo Gallery.

Photo Gallery

Thank you to the Chicago Tribune and to all of the others in the media who have been so kind to the
Mission.  We really appreciate your coverage, and we will keep you, our volunteers, our donors and all
those who have helped renovate first the rectory, then Kelly Hall, then the convent, and now God's
house, in our prayers- as we also pray for the neighbors we serve.
Thank you to everyone, and may God bless you
and keep you safe, healthy and happy in 2012.   
Latest News
We are only about a month away from the
reopening of the Church.  Volunteers are
polishing the woodwork and dusting off the
pews already!   The church looks great!
Photos of basement in 2011
1st Blessing:  Click HERE
for some awesome and awe-inspiring photos from the Christmas party!!!
On a very gloomy Cinco de Mayo, volunteers brought cheer and joy into Humboldt Park.
It was a typical Mobile Food Pantry Day. Volunteers unloaded the truck and packaged
the food, preparing to receive those who live in the neighborhood.  
After the food was ready to be distributed, the volunteers
gathered around Fr. Bob for a prayer.  Meanwhile the
neighbors had lined up around the outside of the fence and
Kelly Hall and were waiting patiently.  Actually, they had
lined up a couple hours before...

(I get impatient waiting in the grocery line for 5  minutes...
Imagine how much this means to these people.)
Those who volunteer are always rewarded by the smiles on the faces of the children
who come with their parents -- both to distribute the food and to receive it.   
We have many children who help with the Mobile Food Pantry, so if you would like to
come, feel free to bring the whole family.  We love kids!  That's one reason we do this!
Double click any photo to enlarge and then hit your "back" button to return to this page.
Aren't they beautiful?

                                                  Merry Christmas from
    Fr. Bob and the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

    Dear Friends,

    Christmas Greetings from Chicago!  I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with family and friends.  As many of
    you know, we are in full gear preparing for our annual Christmas concert and Christmas festivities for the
    neighborhood.  I would like to update you on our recent activity here at the Mission.

    In September we hosted the 55 piece Oak Park Symphony who performed a concert in the renovated Church
    basement for our friends and neighbors.  

    On October 13, Sisters Kate and Alicia professed First Vows.  All of the 300 guests were deeply touched by the sisters’
    gift of their lives for the Church. Please pray for vocations.

    The Saturday before Thanksgiving we hosted a Prayer Breakfast for about 450 neighbors.  Each neighbor attended the
    prayer service, received a hot breakfast, and took home a basket complete with a turkey and traditional Thanksgiving
    food. We continue to help over 700 families a month with food, clothing and household goods.  

    The former convent has been consistently used for retreats and to house volunteers.

    All of the youth in programs at Kelly Hall are at or above grade level. We hope to soon expand the program to
    accommodate those on the waiting list.

    Activities continue this Christmas with our Christmas concert performed by the Chicago Opera community and
    various Christmas celebrations with prayers, songs, food, and gifts.

    To do this necessary work here we need and appreciate your help. Most importantly, please continue to pray for the
    Mission. If you are able, please consider making a monetary donation this Christmas to help support our work here. If
    you are able, please make a check out to Mission of Our Lady of the Angels and send it to the Mission at 3808 W.
    Iowa St., Chicago, IL 60651. We would rather spend your donation helping the poor instead of on postage, so if you
    would like an e-mail thank you, please indicate that with your donation.

    Thank you in advance for your generosity.

    During this Holy Season be assured of remembrance in daily prayers and Masses.  If you have any special intentions
    please contact me.

    May God bless you and your loved ones with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Fr.  Bob
This year, we give thanks that we had something to distribute to the neighbors.
Some years, the cupboard has been bare... Thanks to our Heavenly Father, our
volunteers and donors who brought light to our neighbors this Thanksgiving.
Double Click on any picture to enlarge and then hit the "Back" button on your browser.

One person can carry the light.                             Let's carry the light together!

Oct. 13:  We have two new nuns! Sister Kate and
Sister Alicia took their vows on October 13!   

Check out this awesome video from the Archdiocese about the rededication
(about 7 minutes).  

For the Catholic New World's article on the rededication, click
Check this link for a full layout of
  Photos from Rededication of the church!
                                            Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2013

We have about 45 runners for the  2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. They will fun to support the many services and activities at the Mission of Our
Lady of the Angels.  Race day: October 13, 2013
Contact Sr. Stephanie at olamission@gmail.com for more information on how you can support the team.
Feb. 2, 2013
On the coldest day in Chicago
this winter, volunteers came
from all over Chicago to serve
those in need. Their fingers
and toes may have been cold,
but their hearts were warm.

Families, friends, parishes,
boy scouts, high schools and
colleges came. Individuals
came by themselves, because
they had heard about the good
work being done at the
Mission, and they wanted to
see for themselves.

Afterwards, young adults
gather for adoration and lunch.

We build community, while
helping a community
Double click on any of the above pictures to enlarge. Then hit your back button to return to this page.  
May 22, 2013 - First Community Dinner in the Church Basement!

Do you remember
what the basement
looked like in
November 2011?
Well, you should see it now!!!  
Thank you to all the
volunteers and donors who
made this possible!

This is what a church basement should
look like.  A place where friends and
family can come together for a meal,
share a laugh or two and be happy.   
There were many happy people in the
church basement on May 22.  
We began with prayers,
then proceeded downstairs.
An instruction or two, from you know who...  :  )

Families & Friends Gathered Together.
Great Volunteers & Donors,
Serving God and His beloved children.
Really, does it get any better?
Wow! This is Awesome...