Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

When Fr. Bob rode into this town a few years ago, he didn't know what to expect.

He thought, pensively, "I wonder what kind of people live in this City?  Where is
Humboldt Park?   How will I ever renovate the rectory,..... and then Kelly Hall,
......AND then the Convent?" (with virtually no money....)

On August 10, 2008, we posted an update on the renovation of Kelly Hall. We
also posted information about Fr. Bob's need to renovate the convent which will
house college kids coming to volunteer with the Urban Plunge and other service
programs. The renovation will also allow Fr. Bob  to accommodate larger groups
that want to come to the Mission  for retreats.     
Since Fr. Bob has virtually no budget to renovate the convent, various groups
and individuals volunteered to take on portions of the convent so that it, too,
could be complete sooner rather than later.

With his ever cheerful demeanor
and eternal hope,
he prayed, as he still does, with
confidence to God, for help from
his friends and those who would
soon become his friends - in
Chicago and across the country.

His prayers have been and continue to be answered - but not just by those he
knows, but by complete strangers- some anonymously.
We aren't just saying that. It's the truth!

Here's an example:

We noticed that he actually
seems to be glowing.

At first he was shocked by
your generosity.
(Seriously, he was. He walked
around one whole day just saying, "I
can't believe how generous people
are! Isn't God great?!" )

In less than 30 days, here are just some of the things that were donated from
various individuals, businesses, and organizations:

160 gallons of white paint
60 room air conditioners
60 beds
sheets for all 60 beds
desks for the 40 bedrooms
dining room furniture
tuck pointing of chimney & back wall
help with clean up and painting by a university group
clean up and restoration of the area around the old boiler
a computer and monitor
all the furniture needed for the common areas - couches, chairs, end tables, etc.
beautiful pure oak wooden doors
An inquiry from a pastor indicating that his parish wants to become actively
involved in the good work of the Mission!!!!  

Father Bob was soooooo happy.

When Fr. Bob gets back from his silent retreat and sees these photos, your humble web master may get fired from this volunteer job!   : )

He floated as if a huge burden
had been lifted from his

Your generosity did not stop there.  
Every week, Fr. Bob gets calls from complete strangers
who have heard of the Mission and want to be part of the
good work being done here.

Please stop by and see the good work that is taking place here.
Now that the Kelly Hall YMCA has been opened, hope is
palpable, as the parents sit on the bleachers on Saturday
morning watching their children grow strong in mind and body.